Trends for Dresses Necklines in Pakistan

When it comes to stitching and buying new lawn clothes, women are observed going very excited with the styling. Every year, the fashion industry comes up with a new trend and later on is adopted by everyone. This year, lawn suits were seen being stitched with embellished necklines and hemlines. Making your dress look elegant and providing a sense of sophistication, there are quite a few ideas to the neckline designing. Here are a few top necklines options;

  • Pleats and Pearls

Creases and pearls have been favorites of the eastern women for a really long time. This year the trend made a comeback for neckline designing. Plain lawn dresses need an allure since they are exceptionally repetitive. Multi-colored pearls and clothing pleating can put in allure factor without putting too much effort.


  • Tassels tussle

Tassels are the cherished version of cloth laces since the early 80s. People have seen putting tassels on their sleeves and bottoms as well but this year, they are using it on necklines. Tassels are made up of leather, thread, and silk to tingle your imagination. They come in a variety of sizes as well.


  • Patches

For a traditional touch to your basic suits, patchwork necklines are the most famous in the fashion industry. You can contrast your dress with motif patches of any color or contrast patterns to make it pop and can use as many or as little patches through the neckline as you want.


  • Ribbon Ruffles

Ruffles and silk ribbons are tremendous fashion statement markers when it comes to ladies’ clothing. Be it a maxi or a kurta, ruffles, and ribbons can make any plain neckline look elegant. Lawn dresses can be taken up a notch by ribbon ruffles in contrast with other embellishments and motifs.


  • Laces draping:

Laces have been in fashion for as long as anybody can keep in mind. This particular season, lacework on the necklines is making the news over the globe. Laces come in numerous colors, styles, and patterns which makes it difficult for women to select from the variety. You can do full neckline length lacing or just cut pieces from every lace to make multi-color neckline heaven.

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