Top 5 Wedding Dress Styles You Are Looking For!

For all the brides-to-be that aren’t especially well versed in bridal fashionparticularly when it comes to dresses, at that point this article on our choice of 5 wedding dress styles will allow you a commonhold on the subject. Let this be a learning involvement and have fun along the way.

Below we have listed some of the most popular wedding dress styles:

  • Lehanga

For way better or for more worse, culture paint each perspective of a Pakistani’s life, counting the wedding. Desi brides are the essence of glitz and glamour on their enormous day.

Lehenga is one of the topmost styles of wedding dress because it is the most beautiful garment of all. At whatever point you think of a traditional bride, the look you imagine must be of a red or maroon lehenga matched with a choli and an exquisitely draped dupatta.

Lehengas come in completely different shapes and designs. You’re beyond any doubt to discover one that suits your body. Lehanga is almost the same as a flared and glamourous long skirt. A fitted blouse or choli can be combined with a lehenga. With a cluster of fabrics available, your lehenga could be stiff or flowy and ethereal. Select anything works best for you!



  • Gharara

Gharara is a pair of trousers that are fitted at the knees, there is a kind of border in the space where the cloth is joined and brought together all the gathers/pleats. This includes a bit of volume to the lower half of the trousers. Usually, a gharara is paired with a kameez or kurti of short to medium length. This dress can look dazzling with embellishments and embroidery.


  • Angrakha

A very traditional and exclusive option is angrakha. The piece of clothing has stream and flare. It would suit tall brides especially, giving an elegant look to her. This sort of dress would work truly well for your mehndi function. A bit more detail and this dress would look perfect for your Nikkah, Baraat or Valima as well. In case you’re considering combining your Mehendi and Shadi events into what has been called SHEHNDI, at that point we would suggest that you just select this dress to your fusion occasion.

This long dress can be worn with fitted tights or churidar pajama. The cut and sewing of the piece of this dress make it comfortable to wear and carry. Great for any weddings in any season. You can even wear this on other formal events by matching the dress with a basic dupatta, it won’t look over the beat.

  • Bridal Gown

Bridal gowns come in different designs and you’ll definitely discover something that suits you. A gown with a long trail looks majestic and presents a regal look. This design is inspired by western formal wear, but of course, has been changed according to our culture and trends. The gowns can also be paired with bridal coats. The layering effects look lovely and exquisite. This outfit would be the perfect option for a winter wedding.



  • Farshi Pajama 

This style is similar to the previous two, gharara and sharara, there are slight differences that designers get it best. But, basically, it contains an impressive floor-sweeping length as the name suggests. A lot more fabric and material are required to create it and maybe this isn’t the best option for a summer wedding.


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