Top 5 Type of Shalwars that Every Pakistani Woman Must Own in 2019

When it comes to Pakistani ethnic shalwar and types, you may stick to 4 or 5. But there is a lot more than you can think out there!

In Pakistan, women can’t think without kurtas, suits or any other ethnic wear. As these prove to be the most comfortable attire, shalwar suits are the major picks by trendy women. It is not always about the embroidery done over the top because it is the frontier part of your ethnic look. Do you know a perfect pair of bottoms or shalwar are equally important for your desi avatar? After all, how can one ignore a slight piece when it’s all about fashion and style statement!

Most popular traditional dresses in Pakistan such as kurta shalwar, straight cut suit, ethnic gowns and etc., all need a superior base to flaunt with. So, today we are going to share some popular types of shalwars which are great worn with selected kameez or kurta and perfect to enhance your best style. Comfort is another thing which comes with ease and here we have tabulated some of the best shalwar styles which are unbeatable in every form.

Are you worried about that same-lame look of traditional shalwars? Do you think that you can count on them like one, two or three? No dear, here are the latest styles of shalwar which impart the ultimate trend to pamper your inner stylist.

1. Tulip Shalwar


The tulip shalwar, with its forgiving silhouette; billowing on top, narrow at the ankles, and with layers of airy fabric is the latest fashion trend in Pakistan, the home of traditional summer classics such as lawn suits and well-cut kurtas paired with khulla shalwar.

2. Dhoti Shalwar

Well yes, a Dhoti shalwar has got its traditional name from the dress-dhoti, which was and sometimes till now worn by males in and outside the country. These shalwars showcase numerous U-shaped pleats, originating from the front and going in an upward direction. The layers and pleats of this pair of shalwars are on the inner sides parallel to any dhoti look.

They are rather in a slanted shape and start from the outer portion of the ankle and form a slightly asymmetrical shape. Best for summers, springs, and autumns as well, Dhoti shalwars are amazingly comfortable and offer freedom to move about.

3. Patiala Shalwar


As its spicy name suggests, the Patiala shalwar comes from the joyful land of Patiala, Punjab. Patiala shalwar can be adorned for desi-yet-fancy events and worn for special occasions by every Punjabi woman. Why only Punjabis! Nowadays, they are worn by most of the fashionistas.

The pleats in these shalwars start from the waist and go straight joining the end cuffs. While the making of it demands lengthy fabric or materials, they offer optimum freedom while moving around.

4. Harem (Pants) Shalwar


Don’t get confused between harem pants and Aladdin pants. They look quite alike and still possess a heck of a difference! Harem shalwar is all throughout airier in look and does not have strict cuffs. They do not maintain a definite structure or shape. To flaunt its quirk style and pattern, team it up with short tunics or ethnic short blouses.

5. Aladdin Shalwar


Definitely, you have heard about Aladdin and the tales of Arabian Nights!? Well, Aladdin shalwar got its inspiration from this folk tale characters’ bottom wears. They used to wear special types of bottoms which are seemingly tight from the cuffs and amazingly loose between the waistline and knees. The layers of the pants fall long between the legs, offering exquisite look to your ethnic appeal. This type of shalwar has always attracted the masses.

Shalwar is the best thing to do with kameez or kurta or even designer tunics, only if selected rightly. And the most noticeable thing is their vivacity which is available in numerous numbers.

Which type of shalwar has impressed you the most? Comment below.

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