Marzi Kay Darzi – The End of an Era | Pakistan’s First App-based Tailoring Service

If there is one person that all Pakistani women collectively love and hate, is definitely their annoying Darzi.

From the never-ending nightmare of ill-fitted Kameez, oversized Shalwar, too short of a sleeve, plunging necklines; to their inevitable excuses of “Baji, kapra kum pargaya tha.” These Darzi dilemmas will continue to haunt us ladies probably for the rest of our lives.

Unless, there is a savior who saves us from these mean, Marzi Kay Darzi, relieving us from the torture, tears, and tantrums of butchered clothes eventually making our whole stitching experience no less than a fantastic fairytale.

Seemingly, the good days are finally here with startups offering online tailoring services at your very doorstep in Pakistan.

One such initiative is SEEDO, an application-based tailoring startup promising to offer you a hassle-free custom stitching service within the comfort and convenience of your home.

SEEDO is a personalized and contemporary pick-up and home delivery tailoring service that begins and ends in the comfort of your own lounge/bedroom only

Claiming to make the days of the Pakistani women a lot easier, the Co-founder explains the vision behind SEEDO, “We are focused towards each customer and handle each order with great deliberation. Customers send in their best-fit-garment with their order and we feed their data and fittings in our system so they don’t have to give measurements every time unless there is a change in size. We believe every customer deserves a well-fitted dress stitched to perfection and we do exactly that. And just not for the females, we entertain male orders with the same degree of care and consideration”.

With its aim to redefine conventional tailoring trends in the country, SEEDO has unlocked the very first level in the e-tailoring industry of Pakistan. SEEDO guarantees the quality of work and promises to deliver the highest level of customer service.

So you don’t have to go through the hassle of calling the tailor time and time again, but sit back and wait for — hours only. What could be better than this?

However, it’s still yet to see whether initiatives like SEEDO will take a boom in the nation and find a lasting home in the lives of Pakistani women, fulfilling their dream of a perfect tailor experience and bringing an end to their tailor woes for once and for all.

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