Ever wanted to buy a custom dress online? I did, and this is what happened.

Poorly saying, I’m a “fashion challenged” person which would make me do just about anything to put together a perfect attire.

Waking up in the morning and deciding what to wear for work is the most difficult and important decision a person makes every day. Same is the case with me, I am very much keen to look good no matter what because what I wear adds to my daily personality and I don’t happen to stumble upon anything and move out.

So, I usually need dresses which are stitched to perfection especially because of my petite figure.

There was this family get-together and I badly needed a good outfit but was heavenly broke to buy something new and I wanted something nice as well not something mediocre. Something current. Something that would actually fit me.

And then I remembered one of my friends telling me about this particular online tailoring service and it sounded like the perfect deal owing to the fact that I didn’t have the time to first visit a tailor and then haggle up a good price point.

There was, of course, the obvious option of purchasing a ready-made outfit but the hassle of unfit measurements and the lack of originality of my dress is quite off-putting for me.

So I did get a custom suit. But I got it using an app on my mobile phone from the comfort home. Yes!

And because I love entrepreneurs, I tried a dress from SEEDO, a startup. And believe me, SEEDO set out to solve the problem of creating made-to-measure suits without (literally) bothering the customer.

It was just good to be true but fortunately for me, it was definitely a reality that promises to be the new go-to-option for me when it comes to my wardrobe choices.

SEEDO is simply an application that you can easily and without any cost download on your mobile device. Simple registration and a few clicks help you decide on the kind of clothing and attire you may be interested in. It also features a special feature of best-fit-garment and fabric collection which means you never to have left the comfort and convenience of your home and ensures your dress is stitched just the way you prefer.  And with free delivery service within your city limits, the entire order is easy on the pocket and heavy on the good experience. With SEEDO one can now say goodbye to those endless, tantrums and excuses of your regular tailor.

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